Our Services


Through our teaching in schools, churches and synagogues, C.D.A. is able to reach children and adults and teach them prevention and awareness. C.D.A. has developed tools for children of all ages-from kindergarten through high school and college. C.D.A. also worls with adults by informing them of the dangers, teaching preventative steps and how to empower their children to become more aware. Three of the programs that C.D.A. teaches are; Prevention, Teach Don’t Preach, and Color Awareness.

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Public Policy Advocacy

Through our work, C.R.A.’s goal is to ensure that U.S. public policy makers and thought leaders prevail upon governments and supranational entities (UN, Interpol) worldwide to tighten human trafficking criminal laws, accelerate enforcement and increase sentences on traffickers and the “buyers” as well as bringing pressure to bear on the governments that condone or acquiesce to those who would take, sell and abuse our children.

C.R.A., however, was originally founded as a unique organization to facilitate, and serve as a conduit for, the rescue of kidnapping and human trafficking victims-and to help bring America’s children home.

The exception to this is if the family suspects the child is still in the U.S. and if law enforcement is actively investigating. In this case, C.R.A. will not become involved and risk impeding a U.S. or federal law enforcement investigation. We may also work closely with International Detectives, whom families may hire for additional investigation.