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Being able to share content and get information with just the click of a button is the age we live in. You can now be your own photographers, editors and videographers; with this freedom comes responsibility.

Here are some of CDA’s favorite tips to help you use social media responsibly…you can thank us later!

1. BE MINDFUL OF THE CONTENT YOU POST… THE INTERNET IS FOREVER! We know you have heard this a dozen times, but it still reigns true. Choose wisely what pictures, comments, videos etc. you post on social media because once they are uploaded; millions of people will have access to it. Even if you take your content down, it can already be archived and accidentally show up in someone’s photo library… Oops! How did they get that? So choose wisely!!!

social media 22. DO NOT POST YOUR WHEREABOUTS. If you are going on vacation, do not share when and where. Simply post about your trip and fun events when you get back. Numerous people fall victim to predators monitoring social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to see which homes will be empty when. You don’t want every stranger in cyberspace knowing that your children will be home alone for a week while you’re in Cancun do you? Yeah we didn’t think so.

3. MAKE SURE YOUR “GEOTAGGING” IS OFF!!! No matter which social media platform you use be mindful of the location or “geotagging” feature. Many platforms change privacy settings periodically, so information (like your exact location for instance) can be released every time you post content, without you even knowing. Imagine facebooking about a cute guy across from you and your ex showing up 10 minutes later. Talk about breaking the mood! So check those settings and ensure they stay off…

So be equipped and informed with these helpful tips to keep you safe online.

For more hints and techniques on staying safe online and with social media, contact us at to see when our next Social Media class will be held. Have fun and safe posting everyone!!!


move 4 the movement graphic

Ever wished you could do something to show you are tired of children being abused, trafficked, kidnapped, and sold for organs? Well, now is your chance to Move 4 the Movement and show the world you are serious about dancing to destroy child trafficking in the United States.

Children’s Defense Alliance (CDA,) the educational division of Children’s Rescue Alliance, announces the launch of Move 4 the Movement; a dance campaign to bring awareness and raise money to prevent the trafficking of American children.

Get Up & Dance

If you do nothing else with your life, take heart in knowing that you are becoming part of a growing community to help prevent and destroy the trafficking of US children. Join CDA by dancing to one of your favorite movement songs and sharing the video with your friends via any social platform; FaceBook, Twitter, G+, etc.


Your donation—in whatever amount—will help fund a wide variety of innovative programs; such as children’s urban survival classes, other programs that empower the helpless and produce a positive change in our local community. We urge you to join the CDA family and make a difference in just one child’s life…

Donate Today!
Children’s Defense Alliance releases their 2015 class schedule!

CDA has robust educational programs for children ages 4 to 18, college students, parents, educators, and counselors. The educational programs for children is age specific (4 to 8, 9 to 12 and 13 to 18). These interactive programs teach “Awareness, Prevention, Evasion and Self-Protection” and are tailored for the audience. Check out our 2015 calendar of Self Protection and Urban Survival Classes

Sign-Up by calling 1 – 844 – 5 – RESCUE


The atrocities that occur to our children daily are unimaginable. They are sold as sex slaves, for prostitution rings, illegal adoptions, personal pets and for organ harvesting (yes and kidneys are typically taken first) (more…)





Most trafficking of children occurs in countries like Cambodia or Thailand.

Wrong. Given the less than favorable geopolitical perception of the USA, American children are in highest demand and receive top premium pricing in the Global trafficking marketplace. (more…)

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