CRA’s Mission

Children’s Rescue Alliance is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization whose mission is three-fold:

  1. To facilitate, and serve as a conduit for, the rescue of kidnapping and human trafficking victims. Our focus is on American children, though we endeavor to facilitate the rescue of all kidnapped and trafficked victims regardless of age.

  2. Educate and prevent. To do so, C.R.A. officers and staff speak at schools, churches, synagogues and other groups to educate parents how to better protect their children as well as educating children on how to stay aware and protect themselves.

  3. Public policy advocacy. C.R.A. capitalizes on its success in facilitating child rescues, and its growing prominence in media, schools and church organizations — to use its voice to advocate for more effective laws, law enforcement and public awareness of the size, scope and tragedy of human trafficking in and from the U.S.

The business of rescuing kidnapped and trafficked children, educating families and advocating to end the horror of human trafficking stands above all partisan politics. C.R.A. does not endorse or support any political party or candidates for public office. Our Board of Directors may, from time to time, determine C.R.A. will advocate specific legislation that impacts human trafficking or the care of its victims.

All of us at C.R.A. will continue to do what we do, “Until they all come home.”
“Insquequo they totus adveho domus.”