Move 4 the Movement


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Ever wished you could do something to show you are tired of children being abused, trafficked, kidnapped, and sold for organs? Well, now is your chance to Move 4 the Movement and show the world you are serious about dancing to destroy child trafficking in the United States.

Children’s Defense Alliance (CDA,) the educational division of Children’s Rescue Alliance, announces the launch of Move 4 the Movement; a dance campaign to bring awareness and raise money to prevent the trafficking of American children.

Get Up & Dance

If you do nothing else with your life, take heart in knowing that you are becoming part of a growing community to help prevent and destroy the trafficking of US children. Join CDA by dancing to one of your favorite movement songs and sharing the video with your friends via any social platform; FaceBook, Twitter, G+, etc.


Your donation—in whatever amount—will help fund a wide variety of innovative programs; such as children’s urban survival classes, other programs that empower the helpless and produce a positive change in our local community. We urge you to join the CDA family and make a difference in just one child’s life…

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