Common Misconceptions


Most trafficking of children occurs in countries like Cambodia or Thailand.

Wrong. Given the less than favorable geopolitical perception of the USA, American children are in highest demand and receive top premium pricing in the Global trafficking marketplace.

“It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity. It ought to concern every community, because it tears at our social fabric. It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets. It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime. I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name — modern slavery.”

– President Barack Obama


Most American children that are trafficked are runaways, or children from poverty stricken neighborhoods.


Wrong. Children of Middle and Upper Class American families are in high demand and, anecdotally, are estimated to account for 80% of child abductions into trafficking.  Because they are healthy, well fed, used to interacting with adults, they are easier to abduct and require less drugging (which lowers the value of the traffickers’ “merchandise)”.


Children of upper class families are professionally abducted from their homes, playgrounds, streets or while on vacation out of the country – almost always without a trace.  Unfortunately, if an abduction is not witnessed or in evidence, even AFTER 24 hours U.S. law enforcement often treats the case as a missing child, not as a kidnapping which results in far less intensive investigation and precludes the FBI.

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